Quartz Column of Light(tm) Pure Optically Clear Quartz Drinking Vessel

$89.99 $39.99


These are the last of our specially-commissioned , optically clear quartz, long, tall, (Long Island Iced Tea Style) beverage vessels. Every time we make a batch, we sell out and more are requested, but we will not be creating any more so this is really it.

2′ Diameter, these tall pure quartz vessels  are great for any cool beverage or as a flower vase, made of pure quartz…no lead, boron or other chemicals as in typical beverage containers.

We have ONLY 3 LEFT of these “Columns of Light”  exclusive to The Wisdom Light(R). 

They have been popular especially with healing practitioners and  Reiki Masters for themselves or as gifts.  They are also a great get-well gift.

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