Silk Rainbow, Large Sheet




Your rainbow of silk could be said to have begun with a cup of tea and an Empress in the garden. About 3000 BCE, a moment by Mother Nature involving a worm, a mulberry tree, a gentle breeze & a cup of tea that happened to the Empress Leizu, consort to The Yellow Emperor, reminds us, yet again, that there are no accidents in life! When we remember to live in the present, we can turn what appears to be an annoyance into the greatest of gifts, and a turn onto our own individual path of unique destiny. Thanks to the Empress Leizu’s curiosity, intelligence & creativity, silk has been revered for thousands of years worldwide ever since.

Naturally insulating despite its convenient lack of bulk, silk has the ability to keep us warm in cool temperatures and cool in warm. Dyed silk has also been known to hold its colors for centuries!

The Wisdom Light is happy to offer you this Fine sheet of Lightweight Pure Silk,  woven into a generous  rectangle of vibrant soft bands of clean, clear colors of the chakras for your use with singing bowls, on altars, tables, healing sessions or simply to wear in adornment of your beautiful self!

Large enough to almost cover the length of a massage table.

Offered to you by us at direct wholesale pricing.

SRP: $180