Crystal Bowl Rubber Ball Mallet, 2.5″diameter

$59.00 $49.50


Our enthusiastic customers tell us “THIS is the BEST MALLET” they’ve ever used, and come back to purchase multiples. Designed for bowls 14″ or larger.

The Wisdom Light Rubber Ball playing mallet is made of premium, hard rubber for the best playability and smoothest sound.

It is designed for those wishing to make an alternative sound when playing their opaque/frosted crystal singing bowls of medium and large sizes.

This rubber ball mallet uses an AMERICAN MADE,  solid rubber, generous  2.5″ diameter ball on a 3/4″ diameter  American Natural Hardwood Handle, allowing comfortable and  natural connection to the wood element.

We hand-assemble each rubber ball mallet to order in Colorado of these USA Made materials and ship promptly.

For an extra $1, we will add a white rubber tip on the bottom end of the handle for 2-in-1 styles of playing with one playing tool.

FREE Continental US shipping included.