BOOKS BLOW-OUT MOVING SALE! All Books being sold below cost!
CD’s on sale too!
Most people don’t realize how many books and CDs The Wisdom Light has sold or offered during the last 3 decades because most are sold at workshops and have not been listed online. As we have decided to close-out all book and CD inventory, we have listed here below and on the next page, the book inventory you can benefit from at below-our-cost prices. All inventory is priced at below-cost or wholesale prices for you.

BUNDLE AND SAVE or RECEIVE FREE BOOK/CD SHIPPING if you order with any bowl or case.

Most Books and some CDs are listed on the next page for ordering here online. (click on purple boxes below for online ordering). Others not yet listed in our cart/catalog are listed below and you can Call 303-575-1100 Denver time 9-7 for pricing and to order.
Imara will help you at 303-575-1100 until she gets all these books listed for online ordering.

The following books are in stock but not yet listed here online. Call to order:
-7 Experiments that Could Change the World, Sheldrake (hardback)
-Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki
-The Science of Getting Rich, Wattles
-VAASTU, The Indian Art of Placement (think East Indian feng shui)

-Overcoming Emotional Chaos, Doc Childre, Deborah Rozman Phd
-Discovering Your Inner Power, A Workbook, Shale & Candace Paul
-Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum Eileen Riley-Hall
-Folk Medicine, DC Jarvis, MD
-1001 Ways to Save the Earth, Joanna Yarrow

-Share the Knowledge, MonaLisa Snodgrass
-Second Messenger

-Children of Light (family fiction) Bryan, Kevin, Katherine James

-Cassette Hypnosis: Dream of Past Lives, Dick Sutphen
-Book on Tape Cassettes: The Artist’s Way, Meeting Your Creative Myths & Monsters,
Julia Cameron
– The Goddess in Living Color, A Coloring book for girls of all ages
CDs: Music CDs for Sound Healing, Meditation, Session Accompaniment.
All CDs receive FREE continental US shipping.

Brain Balancing Metamusic(r) CDs with brain Hemi-Sync(r). $15.99 each + free shipping
– Sleepscape Delta
– The Journey Home
– Voyage to the Other Side
– Baroque Garden
– Winds Over the World
– Dreamer’s Journey

Music CDs for Reiki, Massage, Healing Sessions, Meditation, Just to feel Good: $13.99+free shipping
– Merlin’s Magic Reiki
– Merlin’s Magic Angel Symphony
– Merlin’s Magic Light Touch
– Prophecies, Dik Darnell & Steven Halpern
– Spectrum, Hennie Bekker
– Spirit Whistles, Jean Beaulieu
– Poetry Prose Percussion & Song, Charles Williams, Tom Teasley
– Chakras & Elements, Alan Roubik with Masaru Emoto (order here on line CD page)
– PLUS our Crystal Bowl CDs listed on the CDs page. (order here online CD page)

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