Gemstone Crescent Moon Face

$21.00 $10.99


Charmingly carved of high quality in 3D relief.

Choice of Rose Quartz or Aventurine “Man in the Moon” …Or is it the “Lady in the Moon”?  (Please specify which you prefer in comments/note section of ordering….or maybe order 1 of each!)

Approx. 1.25″H

Chakras: 4th-heart

Place in the center of your crystal singing bowl (on a cushion or pad, of course), carry in your pocket, display on shelf or special place, set it into a pendant, hold as you meditate or share as a gift, (just because they are sooo cute!)  Compare our quality to other ‘crescent moon’ shown carvings on line.

Shipping will be waived with any bowl, pyramid, or case order