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  • Soul Star Singing Bowl™:       8th-High Crown/SoulStar Chakra, 5C/C#
  • Royal Ascension Singing Bowl™:       7th-Crown Chakra, B notes, Pisces, Pituitary
  • DreamMaker′s Singing Bowl™:       6th-Brow Chakra, A# notes, Aquarius, Pineal
  • The Visionary′s Singing Bowl™:       6th-3rd Eye Chakra, A notes, Capricorn
  • Expression without Fear Singing Bowl™:       5th-Throat Chakra, G# notes, Sagittarius, Zeal/Persecution points
  • The Communicator Singing Bowl™:       5th Chakra, G notes, Scorpio
  • Healer′s Heart Singing Bowl™:       4th-Heart Chakra, F# notes, Thymus-Immune System, Libra
  • Heart Power Singing Bowl™:       4th-Heart Chakra, F notes, Virgo
  • Solar Power Singing Bowl™:       3rd-Solar Plexus Chakra, E notes, Leo
  • Relationship Singing Bowl™:       2nd-Sacral Chakra, D# notes, Adrenals, Cancer sign
  • Goddess Singing Bowl™:       2nd Sacral Chakra, D notes, Gemini
  • Om Singing Bowl™:       1st-Root chakra, 4/4C#, OM bowl, Taurus
  • Universal Singing Bowl™:       1st-Root Chakra, C notes, Aries or 3/2C# Taurus

The Wisdom Light has always offered you value pricing for our premium quality bowls and red-carpet, personalized service and education. You’ve let us know how much you value that and how unique we are in those respects. Thanks to your support in helping us grow, we are now able to further reduce our already good pricing.

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NOTE: We have always offered SOLFEGGIO SCALE QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS. If you are seeking bowls of the Solfeggio scale, just ask and ye will likely receive! 

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” – KM, Los Angeles

Wisdom Light Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are used around the globe to anchor the Light and call forth harmony. Here are Marion & Bernard of Bluerose™ with one of their Wisdom Light bowls, ushering in the dawn of the southern hemisphere’s Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Aotearoa, December 2007.


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Soul Star Singing BowlTM: 8th-High Crown/SoulStar Chakra, 5C/C#, American Quartz

Are you ready to step into your Destiny?

This bowl helps connect and align you to your destiny here on earth…… It can also be used as a barometer for you and your clients for readiness or obstacles to stepping into that Destiny! 

  • It is a rare note in crystal bowls & only a few are ever available.  
  • To be this 8th chakra, it must be a 5th octave. Thus, it only comes in small sizes; larger sizes put the same note into another chakra category altogether.   
  • This is a natural next step to add to your 7-bowl chakra sets!
  • All 8th chakra bowls receive FREE Premium Insured Shipping within the Continental US + discounted international shipping!