Singing Crystal Pyramids

SINGING PYRAMIDS, Singing Quartz Crystal Pythagorean

SINGING PYRAMIDS, Singing Quartz Crystal Pythagorean

The Wisdom Light Logo and Its Pyramidal Power Come to Life…to Light….to YOU!

Bridging the transcendent sound of resonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry and the Pythagorean Pyramid. Beautiful simply to look at or hang in a window to refract light, these pyramids aren’t just pretty faces! They have substance and power. 

All sizes of our Wisdom Light Singing Pyramids have long-resonating tones  and every pyramid is its own unique combination of multiple notes, according to the Divine Order in your life. Although they are not sold by note, you will receive a card which tells you every note, astrological sign and chakra your pyramid sings.

 Many ask the difference energetically between the sizes.  Imara, top-ranked intuitive and internationally known Visionary has named each size according to the energy they evoke or awaken when played.  This might help you understand the difference of each. Know however, that each size seems to soothe in its own unique way.

Regardless, always trust your own gut of what is calling to you, even if you do not understand the logic of why (yet!).

Our pyramids are made using a patented design & the extra cost to use heavier duty quartz rods, providing greater strength and protection from breakage for these wonderfully transformational, Pythagorean Pyramids.

Our quartz is of the highest purity:  99.99% 

  • Wisdom Light Singing Pyramids are precisely made as only a process using a combination of machine made quartz rods and molds can do to repeatedly and in quantity create precision accuracy, aligned angles and mathematically correct sacred geometric Pythagorean Pyramid specs.  (like the Pyramid at Giza). 
  • Wisdom Light Singing Pyramids are heavier than other pyramids you may see popcorn-ing all over the market. This provides longevity and protection from breaking after long-term usage.
  • Wisdom Light Singing Pyramids are Optically Clear from highest purity quartz. 
  • You hold the pyramid in one hand or hang it over your healing area and strike it with one of our specially made, cruelty-free strikers using your other hand.
  • As always, we offer premium quality and craftsmanship at a value, off-retail price. 
  • We pay for all insured shipping/delivery within the Continental US always on all pyramids, even the large ones & we significantly discount shipping to all international destinations. 

        A little different than the bowls, all sizes play a mix of octaves.  The smaller pyramids are generally higher in tone, but even they play a mix.  The larger pyramids are generally lower in tone.  In other words, the pyramids , on their own, present balance to us.

     Imara feels the difference in healing energies between the bowls and the pyramids is that the bowls are opening, balancing, connecting versus the pyramids which are electrifying, transcendent. They resonate a simply mesmerizing, almost hypnotic sound that entrance.  Imara has intuited and experience working with them suggests that their purpose is to open DNA codes and soul codes within you.

      To this last point, the time is now. Open the codes waiting to be awakening and step lightly into your destiny!!

Note: Contrary to erroneously circulating info, replicating mathematically precise quartz Pythagorean pyramids cannot done precisely by a hand-blowing process, especially in quantities. In fact, true quartz rods of which the pyramids are made cannot be blown and bent by hand.  Glass can be blown by hand; quartz rods cannot.   Much higher temperatures  and sophisticated equipment is involved with making any pure  quartz rods and pure quartz shapes.  

Our PURE QUARTZ pyramids, every one exactly and mathematically precise, straight , level and each one possessing the Pythagorean specs in precision, no matter how many are produced, are made via a combination of machined quartz rods and molds to provide you with a TRUE PYTHAGOREAN PYRAMID made of QUARTZ.

       This design we offer you was developed many years ago, right about the time the economy began to sour, so due to that, we held the introduction of such a premium product until it felt that the market was right for it.  It is patented uniquely using heavy duty rods and design for longevity of wear.  It may cost us more to use a greater quantity of the raw material, but you can see we offer these at sane prices and with the objective that you enjoy them for many years to come.

       Since that introduction of our living Wisdom Light Logo, you have responded with gratifying and generous compliments, sharing your appreciation for our quality and honest value.  As always, The Wisdom Light endeavors to continue to offer only premium quality at fair and reasonable prices, with playing tools and accessories that are cruelty-free.

        We are grateful for the gratitude you have shown.  Thank you!  And thanks to each of you who have purchased these transcendent musical tools and shared your enthusiastic and positive feedback.

EVERY WISDOM LIGHT, Quartz Pyramid is offered with FREE PREMIUM SHIPPING included..every size…even the largest…for all shipping destinations within the Continental US.  Since our singing quartz pyramids are popular worldwide, All overseas and international orders receive substantially discounted shipping.