Crystal Bowl Playing Striker, Cruelty-Free, Double-Tipped



Note: You do receive a free striker included with every bowl you purchase. You do not need to order this separately unless you want an extra striker or a replacement striker.

Made to order in Colorado of all USA materials, this vegan, cruelty-free striker is of superior playability. They are made of American Hardwood, left natural for you to connect with the energy of Mother Earth and the Forest.

8″ long x 3/4″ diameter, this is our standard size striker for 5-16″ size bowls

We call these strikers our “Wisdom Light Silent Strikers” for two reasons:

  1.    NO Dragging sound of suede against your bowls
  2.    NO screams of animals anywhere in the world being killed or skinned to            make suede for your bowl playing.  That doesn’t sound like harmony to us.

Another advantage is no suede shedding on your clients or floors  as the suede is cut by your quartz bowl.

Our strikers are long-lasting and easy-to-use.

WALK YOUR TALK: Choose the cruelty-free option and play your bowls in consistency with true healing and consciousness.

We offer them in 2 sizes.  This one and an extra large size for your large bowls separately listed.

To thank you for your consciousness, all our strikers and mallets are offered with free shipping across the Continental US