Diamantina Quartz Crystal Laser Cluster

$3,000.00 $1,499.99


An unusual find of beautiful and elegant HUGE Diamantina Laser Wands, CLUSTERED into one stunning display.     SO  lovely!

Weight: 2.1 Pounds/4.62kg  of cluster formation of large Brazilian Diamantina Laser Wands!

Measurements: 8″ L  x 4.1″ W  x 2.25″ H

Not just a pretty face!  Of course you can display in your home, office or studio and enjoy its aesthetics, but this POWER PIECE is great in the middle of your bowl arrangement when playing.

Sending out a dome of protection in all directions, an experienced healer will instinctively know how to use this powerful piece.

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Source: Brazil

Item #: DLW-cluster2.1lbs