Singing Bowl Playing Striker, Natural Medicine Stick Style – Handmade to Order

$49.99 $39.99


Every striker a unique work of nature & guided Spirit.

This is a fun striker, especially for those of you who commune with nature spirits and tree people or have studied indigenous practices.

The striker is made from a seasoned tree branch, harvested in Colorado by hand by Imara herself, in respect & with permission.The bark has been left on but the rough nubs have been smoothed over for comfort.

Each striker is embellished with a USA made white-rubber tip, rhinestones to represent chakras, sometimes a shell from the ocean and likely will be embellished by you with additional medicine.

Made to Order in Colorado by Imara.  Ships within 1-3 days of order receipt.

So that Imara can choose the appropriate size tree branch/striker for you, please let us know

– what size bowl this is for or  if you have a collection, the range of sizes.

–  your height.

These two bits of info can be typed into the Special Instructions section of the ordering page.