Orange Calcite Frog Hand-carved Sculpture on Black Calcite Base

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Still waiting for your prince to come?  Stop waiting….catch your own frog!

Has a feng shui practitioner recommended a frog in your home?

The frog is a symbol of transformation and versatility.  Just as the frog on our earth is the harbinger of our environmental conditions, calcite is the stone of world consciousness.  What a perfect combination for meditation, healing, intention.  Put it inside (on a soft cushion) your singing crystal bowl or center of your singing bowl arrangement.

Frog collectors, a child fascinated by these amphibians, or the young lady who years for her Prince Charming will be delighted by one or two of these adorable creatures.

Specifics: Beautiful orange Calcite (is a deep honey gold, amber color) hand-carved mini-sculpture on a smooth black calcite oval base.  Excellent craftsmanship shows the artist’s love of the carving craft.

Size: 1.5″ Tall x 1.25″ wide on 1.9″ oval base

Chakras: 1st-root, 2nd-sacral, 3rd-solar

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