Large Natural Citrine Specimen, Stand-up Point, Museum Quality, 8.5″Tall, almost 3lbs

$2,900.00 $1,379.99


They don’t mine them like this anymore!  Mined in the ’90’s when museum quality  clarity was still possible to find.   A true collector’s piece. 

A powerful desktop statement for your office or mantel!

A most clear, spectacular specimen of Natural Citrine which some people call Smoky Topaz.  The mines simply are not yielding this quality much anymore and so this is not only a powerful energy piece for its gem quality perfection and beauty, but worthy of a collector or investor as museum quality natural citrine.

Size: 8.5″T x 2.75″W x 2″D and just under 3 pounds

Gemstone: NATURAL, untreated Citrine

Chakras: 1st-Root, 2nd-Sacral, 3rd-Solar

Attributes: Intellect, intelligence, mental clarity, strength of will, manifestation of one’s personal power, expansion of radiance in the world, mental energy, centering of one’s balance of power.

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