Peach Alabaster Boulder, 5lbs, Raw, Natural

$100.00 $49.99


It is said this soft peach color is the color of the Mother.  Certainly, this soft peach alabaster, hard-to-find in its Natural form and of this size,

This ‘boulder’ or nature’s natural sculpture is 6″ wide x 3″ deep and about 5″ tall. It has a flat bottom and stands easily, stably on its own.

Lovely for its warming, calming energy, for its feng shui property, or can be cut n polished into a number of pieces if you are a lapidary

Alabaster is long held as a calming stone, one that allows for help in maintaining composure , being forgiving, reducing stress and anger and aiding in meditation.

Imara always wanted a bathtub carved out of this shade of Alabaster.  If we cannot have a whole bathtub, a 5 pound natural raw alabaster sculpture is pretty darn good as a close second…maybe put it next to your bath, bed or in your meditation room.

A great gift for your Mother, Grandmother or a new mother, in symbolic  blessings and gratitude.

Photos shown are front, back, top, both on and off the scale.

Source: Italy, Italia, European Union.