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The LION’s GATE…a powerful opening in the energies of opportunity for all.  Fires are raging worldwide on precious resources.  Fires are burning politically.  Those who have hidden their crimes are being revealed and held to task.

But the Lion’s Gate can also be used to harness your own power…charge your energies to move toward your goals, accomplish your dreams, and feel confident in the face of what feels like global domination of technology and power players trying to force you into a cookie-cutter stereotype.

Do not be afraid of your talents, your strengths, your thoughts.  Listen to your heart and your instincts.  CLEAR YOUR ENERGIES of interferences and bask in the glow and protection of the Light……

In celebration of and to help you do just that, we made a few 12″ Singing Quartz Pyramids right on the APEX OF THE LION’s GATE.  That’s right.

We have a few 12″ Singing Quartz Pyramids made on 8/7, 8/8, 8/9 that are available to you and for the wholesale direct price  of $415.00 delivered (continental US).  Call 1-800-677-1308 to order yours now or order here under Singing Pyramids, 12″ Lion’s Gate.

The Power is within you…but a little conductive quartz to help you harness it never hurts!