Wisdom Light Nesting Bowl CozyTM, Small 6-9.5 bowl



Perfect for nesting your small bowls inside other bowls for storage and  safe transport.

Thanks to our Exclusive Bowl Cozy(tm) with locking drawstring, you do not need buy a case for every bowl.  We recommend nesting bowls of 3″ diameter difference for maximum safety and protections.  For example: 12″/9″, 10″/7″, 11″/8″

Alternately, these make great covers for your bowls in studio or at home to protect them from getting knocked into each other or becoming  spider & dust collectors.   You can even use this as a Gong Cover for Gongs up to 12″ diameter.

This protect is a cushy and protective faux fleece—all our products are always VEGAN and Cruelty-Free!

It has a locking draw string so that it easily stays in place after forming to several sizes of bowls or gongs.

This is size is appropriate for singing bowls up to 9″ for full coverage when nesting. If you only need partial coverage bowl cover, then it works for 10-12′ bowls

WORLDWIDE  Free Shipping when ordered with a bowl or a bowl case.