EARTH WIND FIRE SYMMETRY(tm) Trio American Quartz Singing Bowls

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CLEARING, BALANCING, OPENING  Trio of the All-Important CORE from this powerful trio of EARTH WIND and FIRE Elements!

Without a Strong Core, one can easily lose balance.  How balanced, how strong, how open, how stable is your core? 

The power of 3 in musical harmony!

Visual and harmonic balance presented in this matched trio of same size 2nd ch-Sacral, 3rd ch-Solar Plexus and 4th-ch Heart Chakra Singing quartz crystal bowls.

– 3 x 9.5″ american quartz singing bowls

-Chakras 2-Sacral, 3-Solar Plexus, 4-Heart

-Signs of Gemini, Leo, Virgo

-Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire

-Musical notes of D, E, F

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