Sodalite Sphere, 1.9" diameter

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Excerpt from The World is a Sphere by Imara:

Yes, you can use crystals and minerals for shifting energies.  Yes, crystals and minerals are excellent tools for focusing attention on a specific objective.  Spheres, especially, are excellent meditation tools as they fit so naturally and smoothly into the palm of your hand, no matter the size of the sphere.   In fact, haven’t you noticed that whenever you are around a sphere you just want to touch it?  To hold it in your hand and close your fingers around it?  Or to place the palm of your hand on the rounded surface of a large sphere, as if there were something comforting in connecting to that cool, smooth surface?

Spherical crystal and mineral specimens are perfect visualization tools at this particular time, especially, as we need to create and focus more than ever on global healing. 

During times of uncertainty, stress and downright fear, it is more important than ever to understand the power of each and every thought.  AS YE THINK SO SHALL IT BE, is a basic Universal Principle… my students and clients will tell you I am fond of repeating.  Every deed, product or result begins with an action, every action begins with an idea, every idea begins with a single thought. ”                                               All copyrights reserved, The Wisdom Light

Description: Top Quality, Rich indigo Blue Sodalite,  hand-crafted into a quality sphere.

Size:  1.9″ diameter

Chakra: 6th-Third Eye

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Tip for use: Great on your desk to aid in MENTAL CLARITY and FOCUS, stimulate Intellect, Self-Confidence of your Abilities.   Place where easy to grab and hold in the palm of your hand when you need a moment of calm, clear Clarity, especially for those now too-often online meetings!


Accessory Suggested: Display on our SMALL Atlantean Pillow handmade in the USA , 4-5″ size. $25 net.