Onyx, Chalcedony Goblets, Tall, PAIR in Velvet Gift Presentation Box

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Beautiful pair of  hand made,  Solid Onyx Goblets made in Pakistan  in their own velvet gift and presentation box.

What a lovely gift for the bride and groom, or someone who enjoys the beauty and luxury of one of a kind stone goblets for their favorite beverages or altar.

We drink herbal tea, healthy beverages, embark on cleansing or nutritional paths, enjoy organic wines, yet the vessels by which we drink such important or desirous beverages often seem to contradict our intention.  Shouldn’t we consider the material from which we drink just as important? And why shouldn’t we choose a vessel as beautiful and elegant as a piece of fine art from which to enjoy healthful or pleasurable drinks.

 The Wisdom Light is proud to offer you, each  hand-carved from natural Banded Chalcedony, aka Onyx,  elegant flute-style goblets.  Smooth and sensual to the touch, they are sturdy and well-balanced with pride of craftsmanship.  The beauty of Onyx is its variations and unique patterning in each individual piece of stone, so no two are identical.  A pair in lovely presentation box makes a beautiful Gift!

 This is a great gift item for any occasion, especially weddings and anniversaries. The qualities of this stone also make it a great gift for  a teacher or mentor.

As befitting such elegant vessels,  each pair is presented in a velveteen gift box lined with satin and having double clasp closures. 

Of course, as you’ve come to expect from The Wisdom Light, these quality gemstone chalices are offered at a discount off-retail: -40%, making them a great deal.


  1. Goblet size is 8″ tall by 3″ diameter
  2. Volume is 10 ounces or 300ml
  3. Color is “Banded Onyx” which means shades of terra cotta, brown, cream. No two exactly alike.
  4. Onyx or Banded Chalcedony is member of the quartz family with a mineral hardness of 7. It represents the element of Earth, the root, solar and third-eye chakras and symbolizes inner strength, achievement of self-mastery, focus, self-discipline.
  5. Each pair presented in velveteen gift box lined in satin.

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