HIS n HERS DUET: Perfectly Matched Musician’s Perfect Pitch Pair, D-Sacral & E-Solar Plexus Atlantean Wands(tm)

$2,005.00 $899.99


Or is it Hers n His?  Raising the power of The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine!  

Healing between the Earthly Feminine and the Earthly Masculine!

This is a perfectly matched pair (both in size but more importantly, in musicality) of the 2nd-Sacral Goddess Atlantean Wand(tm) and the 3rd-SolarPlexus Solar Power Atlantean Wand(tm) .

Strong, long-resonating instruments that are easily played.  The power of the Divine Feminine and the power of the Divine Masculine come together in harmony and complement.

This pair is being offered at a special further reduced rate INCLUDING our exclusive Wisdom Light Handled Bowl case with shoulder strap for each AND FREE US CONTINENTAL and Canadian shipping . (Intrntl orders will be quoted separately for local destination shipping)

This pair is a MUSICIAN’S PERFECT PITCH Version of these notes, chakras, signs. Each are  6.25″ diameter handled optically clear quartz bowl.

Associated astrological signs: Gemini, Leo.