Singing Bowl or Pyramid Mat, 15-16" diameter, You choose color



A ring of silver stars on nightblue background, this mat makes an attractive way for you to display your  Singing Bowls or Singing Crystal Pyramids.  16″ Diameter, excellent for bowls of any size but  but most appealing under bowls of 7″-12″ diameter and beautiful under your Atlantean Wand(tm).

Due to postal rate increases, this product only can be shipped WITH  FREE SHIPPING along with a bowl or case order  to same destination.  This is because our out-of-pocket shipping cost of this single mat now exceeds the price of the mat!   🙁

Typically  when we sell this mat, it IS with a bowl,  case or pyramid order, so rarely does this question come into play.

However, If you still would like to order 1-3 mats by themselves, we are happy to do so for you, but then we must add the  shipping cost of $12.99 (up to 3 mats).

Thank you for your understanding!

LIMITED SUPPLY, first come first serve.