Fab Four Set(tm): Musician’s Perfect Pitch Quartet of Basic Chakras 1-4

$1,935.00 $999.99


This is the FAB FOUR!   A true perfectly harmonized quartet of Musician’s Perfect Pitch bowls of C D E F notes, including our

Universal Bowl(tm)

Goddess Bowl(tm)

Solar Power Bowl(tm)

Heart Power Bowl(tm)

This is a most versatile and easily portable arrangement.

Bonus Special: This special Price advertised INCLUDES SHIPPING to Continental US and Canadian destinations. 

(Other international or overseas destinations will be quoted a special discounted rate separately).

Notes: Musician’s Perfect Pitch 4th octave C, D, E, F

Chakras: 1st-Root,  2nd-Sacral,  3rd-Solar Plexus, 4th-Heart

Signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Sizes: 12″ x 2,   9.5″ x 1,  8″ x 1

And as always,  PURE AMERICAN QUARTZ singing bowls.

This set includes our always VEGAN, all USA materials, made to order Strikers and premium white o-rings.