EARTH WIND FIRE Trio(tm), A matched set for Balance and Power, Pure American Quartz

$1,505.00 $769.99


A Trio of musician’s notes DEF, of Pure American Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to address THE CORE and clear your way to Owning Your Power. 

Balance, Stabilize, Open, Unblock, Empower your core…

Chakras Sacral/2nd, SolarPlexus/3rd, Heart/4th

Signs Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Elements Earth, Wind/air, Fire

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Includes 3 American Quartz bowls of ascending size 9″, 9.5″,  12″ (the heart being the largest 12″)  3 Cruelty-free, vegan, USA Strikers and 3 o-rings.

This is a great starter set for those of you not sure where to begin.  Save even more than usual buying this matched trio together.