Crystal Bowl Playing Striker, Cruelty-free, Double-tipped, Extra Large



This is the 9″ x 7/8″ diameter, large version of our popular and ethical cruelty-free, vegan striker.

This striker is for your largest bowls.

All components are made in USA and every striker is handcrafted to order by us in Colorado.

  • Double American rubber white tips
  • American Southern Hardwood
  • Smooth sanded, natural finish holding
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan!

WE don’t believe it is harmonic or consistent with the purpose of the bowls to be killing animals to make the bowls sing.  Especially since the source country of all suede strikers is notorious for abuse of  & live-skinning and live boiling of animals, including domesticated ones. NO animals are ever harmed to make strikers or any of our products.

Feel good within yourself that you are in integrity when you play your  bowls!

And to thank you for your consciousness, ALL our strikers and mallets include free shipping across the Continental US.