CHOOSE YOUR OWN SET: Chakras, Astrological Signs, Musical Note


Call us for your personal parameters, needs, or explore what your parameters and specifications should be!  Imara , founder of the Wisdom Light, 33 years of experience working with bowls and who some call “the Bowl Goddess”,  will help you personally.

Every crystal singing bowl set from  is  hand-assembled for best musical matching and harmony according to your needs and preferences.  Then, instead of charging you extra for that service and harmonized set, we actually further discount the bowls to you off our already discounted, direct prices and then add in a case or cover and discounted shipping!  Afterall, since bowling makes the world go round much more harmoniously, a set is that much more powerful for the grid in which you live (not to mention for you!).

Sets are available by Chakra, Musical Note, Astrological Sign, Solfeggio note or any other combo that Spirit guided you to obtain.

Call us, so we can assemble a set just for you and your objectives.

Meanwhile, below are some sets that Imara was guided to hand-assemble and are ready to ship immediately.  You save vs buying individual bowls. Do any call to you?

The price of your custom set will be determined and quoted after we assemble it for you.