Bk: The Art of Happiness at Work by The Dalai Lama

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Original Hardback First Edition.

The Art of Happiness at Work by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler, MD is the Dalai Lama’s first exploration of the nature of work–job, career, calling and finding the ultimate happiness at work.

The Art of Happiness at Work explores three levels of focus:

  • Survival: focus on salary, stability, food and clothing
  • Career: focus on advancement
  • Calling: focus on work as a higher purpose

What is the relationship between self-awareness and work?  What are the main sources of dissatisfaction and how can we cope with them? How can we handle conflicts with coworkers and bosses? How can we deal with jealousy, anger or hostility at work? How does lack of personal freedom on the job affect happiness?……

Publisher: Riverhead Books, a member of the Penguin Group

Pages: 212

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