9" Wisdom Light Optically Clear Quartz Singing Pyramid

$900.00 $309.99



Keywords: Resurrection, Transmutation, Ascension. 

This particular size represents the Phoenix Risen from the ashes, the butterfly rising above and out of the cocoon.  

Have you been through the initiation to rise above your challenges?  Then this is the final attunement to that vibration. 

ALL WISDOM LIGHT PYRAMIDS RECEIVE:  Our upgraded, PREMIUM  Wisdom Light Intention 2-in-1 Striker that has an electrifying connective effect with the pure quartz crystal pyramid when played, being made from pure American copper tubing.

  • strike with rubberized surface or rubber tip for different effects
  •  cork stopper allows you to use copper tube for inserting water, soil, sand,       paper prayers/intentions.
  • Copper exposed for hand-to-copper connection and beauty. Partially protected with rubber.
  • Handmade to order with every pyramid shipped.

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