8”Optically Clear Musician’s Perfect Pitch 3A Quartz Visionary’s Atlantean Wand>TMThird-Eye, Capricorn, 3A

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The magnificence & strength of a regal High Priestess, this 8” 3rd Eye Atlantean Wand(tm) will take you away to another dimension with its impressive long-resonance & magical quality.  This 8″ optically clear singing bowl with a handle has the depth of resonance comparable to a 16-18″ traditional opaque bowl.

Premium, smooth-playing, made-to-order in USA cruelty-free striker.

While resonating on and on, this largest of our pure quartz handled bowls still is manageable and easily held in the hand, to be turned in all directions and walked around a room or up/down the length of a body.

Musician’s Perfect Pitch.

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