7" Heart of the Mother Atlantean Wand(tm) Combination Note Handled Optically Clear Quartz Singing Bowl, 1st-Root & 4th-Heart

$890.00 $449.99


This is one of the most powerful combinations of notes played together with Crystal Singing Bowls.  The playing of the ROOT/1st chakra with the HEART/4th chakra creates a magnificent vortex of energy between the two chakras in the body and an impactful effect.

This combination of Root/Heart was our first and has been our most popular combo note bowl when we are rarely gifted with it from the Universe.  “Just Amazing” is what we hear often from our bowlkeepers who have one of these rare, magical Atlantean Wands(tm).

Long Resonating as are all our Atlantean Wands(tm) (handled quartz singing bowls).

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