“Heart of the Lion Set(tm)” 7 Chakra American Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set

$3,100.00 $1,754.94


This is what we call a ‘Heart Centered Set” with the largest bowl being the Heart Chakra Bowl or what The Wisdom Light calls “Heart Power Temple Bowl(tm).  The bowls are borderline perfect pitch with some actual perfect pitch. 

It was hand-assembled by Imara herself during  Lion’s Gate 2021. Hence, “Heart of the Lion Set” Every bowl is harmonized to all other bowls for a true musical set. 

Notes: CDEFGAB (perfect pitch and close to perfect pitch)

Signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Glands: Thyroid, Pituitary

Sizes: Range of 8″ – 18″ (18″  14″  12″  10″ 10″ 9.5″ 8″ )

Accessories Included: Includes a set of VEGAN, made to order Strikers with 1 Premium, Large Mallet. Includes 7 o-rings.

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Get started now on your powerful transformation of energy or add to your modalities as a practitioner to expand your effectiveness. 

(Add an 8th  chakra,  Soul Star Bowl(tm) for only $199.99 delivered!)

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