7.5" American Quartz Perfect Pitch 5C Soul Star Bowl(tm), 8th chakra, Aries

$430.00 $229.99


This latest batch of our 7.5″ bowls yielded an abundant supply of the Soul Star Bowl(tm), typically rare.  These bowls were made to enhance their length of resonation and play most beautifully.

Following the Lion’s Gate wherein so many are coming face-to-face with confronting turning points in their lives and their destiny, perhaps the Universe means for us to connect with our own, individual Destinies….THAT is role of the this bowl in alignment with the 8th or Soul Star!

Because the Universe has blessed us generously with this note at this time,  clearly meaning for people to get into alignment with their high crown or soul star chakra, we are offering it to you at a reduced price until they are gone.