6″/152mm Wisdom Light Optically Clear Quartz Singing Pyramid

The Happiness Pyramid(tm).   A light, ethereal sound that seems to engender feelings of happiness, lightness, joy and delight.  In fact, a Japanese customer told us this pyramid sounds like the Happiness bells in the temples of Japan.

This size Wisdom Light Singing Pyramid has an Angelic, ethereal sound and energy. Delicate, but long-playing, a unique combination of high and low octaves intermingle hypnotically like the call of the Siren, divinely angelic.  Know that even our smallest Pyramid of this 6″ size is made of strong, thick rods of optically clear quartz for longevity and safety, and our joints are smooth and of the highest quality.

Special Offer: You receive our upgraded, PREMIUM COPPER Tube, Wisdom Light Intention 2-in-1 Striker that has a piezo-electric connective effect with the pure quartz crystal pyramid when played.

Includes a beautiful, cruelty-free hanging cord.

Includes a FREE rubber safety mat with each pyramid for when it is resting on a table,  in case you decide not to hang it.

ALL COMPONENTS of all Wisdom Light Pure Quartz Pyramids (striker, mats) are cruelty-free, animal-free.

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