6.2" Wisdom Light Optically Clear Quartz Singing Pyramid

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Like the 6” pyramid, this  size Wisdom Light Singing Pyramid also has an Angelic, ethereal sound and energy.  Delicate, but long-playing, a unique combination of high and low octaves melodiously intermingle and mesh together like an angelic symphony.

Special Offer: You receive our upgraded, PREMIUM COPPER Tube, Wisdom Light Intention 2-in-1 Striker that has a piezo-electric connective effect with the pure quartz crystal pyramid when played.

  • Strike with rubberized surface or rubber tip for different effects
  • Removable cap/stopper allows you to use copper tube for inserting water, soil, sand, prayers/intentions.
  • Copper exposed for hand-to-copper connection and beauty.

Includes a beautiful, cruelty-free hanging cord.

We also include a FREE rubber safety mat with each pyramid for when it is resting on a table,  in case you decide not to hang it.

ALL COMPONENTS of all Wisdom Light Pure Quartz Pyramids (striker, mats) are cruelty-free, animal-free.