16″/403mm Wisdom Light Optically Clear Quartz Singing Pyramid

$2,500.00 $899.99



The Cosmic Connection Pyramid(tm)

A galactic pyramid that has a most soothing and deep resonance–simultaneously calming and comforting while evoking the most cosmic extension and connection.

Some of the chiming sounds like a large, deep gong…others are more ethereal.  This Wisdom Light 16” pure optically clear quartz singing pyramid creates an all-in-one transcendent and magical journey

Music soothes the savage beast. Acoustic sonic harmony might just perhaps heal the human race!

Wisdom Light extras: As with all our Pyramids, we include a premium, piezo-electric magnifying copper striker made to order in US, a vegan hanging/holding cord, a rubber safety mat, AND NOTE IDENTIFICATION with every every pyramid.  (We were the only ones that ever did this from the start &  free of charge)

And YES, we pay the insured delivery for you to anywhere in the Continental US.  Even on this large size! (And for those abroad, please rest assured that ALL Intrntl or overseas shipments get substantial discounts off retail shipping rates)