12"/305mm Wisdom Light Optically Clear Quartz Singing Pyramid

$1,525.00 $429.99


 Wisdom Light Manifestation Pyramid(tm)

Energies of Manifestation—grounding into earthly reality and 3rd dimensional form aspirational energies.  Also seems to resonate with World Peace intentions.

Wisdom Light Wholesale DIRECT with FREE Continental US Insured Shipping:   Our most popular Premium Quality Pure OPTICALLY CLEAR SINGING QUARTZ 12″ Pyramid

Special  Offer: Receive upgraded, PREMIUM COPPER Tube, Wisdom Light Intention 2-in-1 Striker that has an electrifying connective effect with the pure quartz crystal pyramid when played.

  • strike with rubberized surface or rubber tip for different effects
  • Removable cap/stopper allows you to use copper tube for inserting water, soil, sand,  intentions. 
  • Copper exposed for hand-to-copper connection and beauty.

Includes a beautiful hanging cord.

We also include a FREE rubber safety mat with each pyramid for when it is resting on a table,  in case you decide not to hang it.